Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WTF? It takes two baby...

So I went to a Smashing Pumpkins Concert last Friday Night, it was at the Hard Rock Live, and was an awesome show! The best part was the Hard Rock has a great bar and sell these GINORMOUS drinks, in Slushee size cups, needles to say: 2 drinks and I was buzzin like a bee.
I moved all the way up front with my buzz and was thinking to myself, hmmmm, that Billy Corgan isn't bad looking, for a bald, albino wearing a really long skirt...hmmmmm, WTF? What is it about alcohol that gets me THAT way? Does it happen to you?

Next someone gave me a free t-shirt, see below, it says Summer Krush and then they had a station where you could get your name stuck to the back of it. You know just like those IRON- On's we made at home or at the cool store at the Mall in the 70's! So, I was going to put my name on it, and I thought that was Dorky, so I had the brazilliant idea of putting WTF on the back, my new favorite saying...only I was a little more buzzed than the I realized because I kept on telling the guy: "W.F.T"...and laughing, like a moron at my cleverness "you know, like What the Fuck!" He of course dryly replied "oh, you mean WTF"...ummm yeah, give me my damn shirt you whipper snapper!

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