Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Man thinks I'm mean

10 pm- The man is watching Lisa Lampenelli (the funniest woman ever)
10 pm- I am cleaning up the kitchen, laughing cuz I can hear Lisa Lampanelli
10:15- The man is watching Lisa Lampenelli
10:15- I am purchasing the tickets for our Thanksgiving Trip, laughing cuz I can hear LL
10:20- The man is still watching LL
10:20- I am feeding the dog and getting her ready for bed, laughing cuz I can hear LL
10:30- The man is watching LL
10:30- I am rounding up the hairy ones corralling back to their rooms where they will pretend to sleep, but will really be TXT'ing, IM'ing, on their cell phones or even climbing out the windows (oh yes, both busted the same night!) while still laughing with LL
10:45- The man is watching LL
10:45- I am turning off lights, fans, locking doors, turning on the dishwasher and laughing at hearing LL
10:59- The man turns off the TV, rolls over and announces we have to go to sleep NOW!
10:59- I dump a load of clean laundry (all his gym stuff) on the bed...this is what ensued:

Man- I HAVE to go to sleep, just dump them over there
Me- No
Man- I can't sleep with the light on and all that clothes on the bed
Me- so
Man- What do you want me to do *whine*
Man- your as mean as Lisa Lampenelli!
Me- well maybe I'll run off and be a comedienne!
Man- you should, you're mean enough, crazy and a little funny

hmmmmmmm....dully noted, man, dully noted

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I love you Darling, really! Thank you!