Monday, September 15, 2008

My Baby, the cutest dog on the Planet

Ok, so I just have to post this picture, because yes, I have become "one" of those know, that talk about their dogs all the time, that carry pictures of them and think about them all day long...My only saving grace is that my husband has got it even worse than I do!

Her name is Little Lulu or in Spanish, La Pequena Lulu, yes, she is highly intelligent and bilingual. She has many nicknames: White Devil, Girls gone Wild and Cuca al aire...which I'm embarrassed to say means: Flash your coochie...eww, I know, but she loves to lay on her back flashing her cuca!

So her she is the cutest dog on the planet, in her floaty because she is not a good swimmer!

This is the "money shot" coochie flashing bitch running my household, oh yeah, besides ME...ha-ja


  1. I think you mean "This is a picture of the coochie flashing crazy ass bitch and oh, yeah, my dog..."

  2. bwa-haha so funny evil one...I may have to tell about the time I got the brazilian wax and was screaming in pain, but even louder than my screams was your CACKILING in the waiting area!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!