Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween....more than any Holiday, it would so top X-mas, if only I could guilt people in to giving me gifts, then it would be perfect! I adore costumes and if were up to me would probably randomly drees up every Friday, just for shits an giggles! Casual Friday= cowgirl day! Now, I always wanted to be the Great Pumpkin and begged my mother the year I was 12. She said no, because "how would I dance with the boys?" and well, it just wasn't pretty. True, but who says that to a 12 year old! I guess I could be the Giant Pumpkin, but now I have breasts and a figure and I love wearing cute costumes, no, not the Hustler or Playboy ones, but cute. When I was ginormous, I didn't care, and who really wants to see a size 20 sexy nurse, so I was always an ugly witch. I was scary, kids were too afraid to take candy from me! Little hairy one once said "don't worry, she not a real with, it's my Mom" he-he-he was he wrong! Any who this story is really about my GF with the smelly finger, one year she and her friend decided to go as giant Q-Tips (all dressed in white with white cotton turban wrapped heads, brazilliant!) only guys at the bars kept on asking them if they were TAMPONS! ha-ha and then some ass squirted ketchup on their heads.....ewwwwwww After that she vowed to only wear hot costumes, no more trying to be funny! So, help me decide on what I should be this Halloween....I love the 4 options, and you don't even have to register, just vote on my poll!

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