Thursday, November 20, 2008

Worth a 1000 words Thursday- my sister in law

This is my sister in law, the one that was 15 when I married her brother, these are her 3 kids, with the hairy one's & little ole me. They came to visit last year. I adore her, and can't wait to see her next week! Yeah, I'm going on vacation, a real vacation, a whole WEEK!
We have Jen over at Cheaper Than Therapy to thank for Thousand Words Thursdays.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK, this is my new gay boy toy, only he doesn't know it yet.....I have to find him, kidnap him, make him teach me this dance routine and then take me dancing EVERY NIGHT! So if you know him, you must inform me at once!

I wish I was like Paris Hilton and then I could trick him to go on my BFF Show, or Diddy and he could vie to be my assistant, or Tila NO, I will not sink THAT low, and I can tell that neither will he.

I LOVE HIM!!! If you think you can fill his one shoulder leotard, then APPLY here to be my new (or nominate one who can)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tempt My Tummy Tuesday- Bad Kids

Most of us are Mother's, some of us are MoFo's too....

Now I don't know about you, but I have some bad a$$ kids, and they often need to be taught a lesson, so here is a perfect recipe for one of those days:

The child is in time out- in his room, in the closet, the corner, whatever...and it's lunch or dinner time...

2 slices of bread (the older the better)
1 cup of water
1 very straight face, if you crack all is lost

chipped plate
metal cup
nasty tray

Present the "meal" to the miscreant child, and say this:

"The law says I must feed you, this is the meal you have earned today."

Then drop the tray *clank* and walk away.

If they have been REALLY BAD, make them real oatmeal (no milk, or sugar or raisins), then let it cool and serve it to them, tell them is is "Cruel Gruel" all they will eat for the rest of their childhood if they don't change their wicked ways.

The big O- no not Obama

Election night was pretty much over for me when Virgina came in blue, I knew it was in the bag. So as usual at 10:30pm, everything was turned off and everyone is sent to bed. Of course when I came out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth and washing my face my husband promptly announced "the door is locked" Well, all married ladies know what THAT means, of course, everyone was not in bed and of course the door was NOT locked. Apparently the hairy's did not believe me when I said Obama had won (do they know nothing, I am always right!) and were huddled in a bedroom watching the coverage live, of course when it was "officially" announced, the youngest hairy HAD to come tell us. Did he knock? Yes. Did he wait to hear the frantic "nooooooooooooooooo" Certainly NOT. We jumped and covered, he entered turned around said nothing and closed the door behind himself. I glared at the man and growled "nice job locking the door, do you think he saw?" Before the man could answer we hear little hairy " I just walked in on Mom & Dad..." Then we hear the other 2 hairys "EWWWWWW-ARGH- NOOOOOOOO" Well, that answered my question. Now you'd think little hairy would have learned his lesson, since he walked in on my parents a couple of years back! hahaha, which is worse walking in on your Mom & Dad or walking in on your Granma and Grampa?? Let me know...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Worth a Thousand Words Thursday

This is big hairy, now you see why I call them the Hairy's. This was on his 17th Birthday, his 18th is coming soon....he is sure he is going to get a piercing and a TATTOO! ha-ha-hahaa, silly rabbit, Mama will kill ya!

Thanks Jen over at Cheaper Than Therapy for Thousand Words Thursdays!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daddy's 75th Birthday!

Today is my Daddy's 75th Birthday! He is SUPER AWESOME! He spoiled me rotten! ha-ha He gave me Valentine's gift's every year, sometime books, or games, once a puppy! He always let me through huge parties on Halloween and my Birthday, and always listened to everything I said. He would often tell me, if anything ever happened while I was out late at night I could call him and he would come and get me, no questions asked....yeah right?! Well, lo and behold my friend ditched me at a bar at 2AM to go off with a guy and everyone left to give me a ride home was smashed....I called, he came, no questions, I was 16, but that's another story (it wasn't in the States) Which brings me to worst story of all time...He once caught me drunk, very drunk, drag my ass up the stairs drunk. It was during X-Mas break mid- week (ladies night) so the next day he went to work, (big mistake, I had all day to concoct a story) When he returned this is what I confessed: I only had $10 and thats how much cover was, so I had no money left over for sodas. It was hot, I was dancing a lot and thirsty, so an "older" guy kept on buying me a drink called a "Tom Collins" I didn't know it had alcohol, gee it tasted just like a Shirley Temple. And that's how I ended up shit faced Daddy! Well, he bought it line and sinker. The result ? he gave me LOTS of cash every time I went out, so I didn't have to accept drinks from men! Hence, my reputation as a "high roller" buying Tequila Shots for everyone! Cheers! Happy Birthday Daddy! (click here to see my Dad)

Walking Pneumonia- walking dead

I'm sick, really sick...I have been sick since last Wednesday, and this is what I look like. For REALZ....I have walking pneumonia, hacking cough, death bed fever....but where am I today? I'm at work. Why?

I am taking a week off in 2 weeks
The economy is shit and I'm eating it at work
My Boss is in town
I went to a physical 2 weeks ago and now have to go to 4, yes 4 specialists!!
I have kids that need to get wisdom teeth out, braces on and a cavity filled
And last but not least, I AM THE MOM, the MOM get no breaks!

If I die do you think the kids would ever get back to the dentist?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Worth a 1000 Words- Thursday

This picture was from Halloween 2006- I took the boys with me, as I was chaperoning the Masquerade Ball at the all girls Catholic school. I am the Native American Princess, little hairy is Joe Dirt or for all intensive purposes, Red Neck American, then comes my favorite adoptive son as an African American (in his cool dashiki) and last but not least my other hairy as a Mexican American- see people YES WE CAN! Diversity and Unity! Thanks to JEN, for sharing her great post tradition!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All Saints Day

I am an American, my parents came to the United States in the 60's (from Bolivia) became citizens of this country and raised their 3 daughters as Americans. My father worked for the Government and eventually we were shipped overseas. In 1985 we moved to Guatemala, I was 13. To say that I fell head over heels in love with Guatemala, and it's people would be a gross understatement. How much of an influence did it play in my life, well I married a Guatemalan, as did one of my sisters, and my parents retired and moved there. It will always be a part on me. I moved back to the States in 1991 and have lived her since then. I have been so engrossed with this election and feeling so patriotic and all-American, not once thinking about my double life, then I got this link from my sister and my eyes started watering , I just got so emotional! I am sure it has to do with the fact that my sister in law and her children are in pain over the passing of Father/husband, and I am just wishing I could be in Guatemala helping in some way.

This is a special tradition of Kite flying on the Feast of All Saints Day. Local artisans make gigantic kites, hand made from crepe paper and fly them from the cemetery, the idea is that heaven and earth are particularly close on this day and if we fly these kites we can get our messages to our dearly departed, not only in the pictures depicted on the actual kite but by tying messages to the rope then they "magically" fly up to the kite. It is spectacular, and the kites are more works of art than anything. The beautiful women are my sis & niece! I hope you enjoy!


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Horror Night

We were all ready with our costumes, excited for the fun and parties when at 3pm I got a phone call from my mother in law, my husband's brother in law had passed away unexpectedly, leaving his youngest sister a widow at 33 with 3 children. Our plans changed from a Boo Bash to trying to book my husband a flight, getting him packed and on his way. He was out the door by 9pm. I settled in to bed at 11pm with the dog, for what I thought would be a restful (much needed) night. Midnight, the first son come home, wakes me up, doze off, 1 am the second son come home, wake up again. 2 am the dog strategically places her butt next to my head and farts a million times, wake up and I almost choke. 3 am the dog needs to go out to potty, wake up and open the door to the yard, 30 min later let her back in. 4:30 am the third son comes home, it was obvious he took advantage that he was not the designated driver, because it took him 15 minutes to get the key to open the door. Very noisy, farting dog woke up, barks in my ear like crazy. 8:30 am my Mom calls to get my husband's flight info and to find out where the mass will be held. I have no idea, doze off again. 9:30 I wake up and call my Mom-in-law, get the funeral arraignment information, call my Mom back and let her know. By now everyone has heard of the tragedy and stats calling the house to find out what happened, etc, looking for my husband. I am still in my PJ's at 2pm, yet have gotten no sleep and tonight my youngest is going to his very first Homecoming Dance, so I have to go buy him drees pants, and then chauffeur him to the dance from 8:30 to 12:30 tonight. No rest for the weary!