Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WTF? Crazy Britney Spears!

As I was merrily reading my people magazine best dressed edition this weekend I was stopped DEAD in my tracks, one second I was happily sunning in the hammock, while the mens did all the yard work, humming and lalalaing, pointing to dresses saying, I am SO going to get that! Ohhhhhh, I would looks SO hot in that dress! When there was the article on the Spears, seemed nice, she's getting her shiz back on track and then BAM! A picture in her back yard, her Daddy, the new baby Maddie and the two boys...wait, what is that behind them all....look closely a statue of a little black boy, sorta like a Lawn Jockey, but more exotic...looks like Webster in black face! hahaaaaa I crack myself up! Anyway, if you were a celebrity, grown in the deep south and you had a camera crew over to your house, wouldn't you pick up that little black boy and shove him in the back of the closet???

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