Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Thousand Word Thursday

You are supposed to post a picture which you feel is worth a thousand's mine!
See that man, that's my Daddy, the one on the right! ha-ha! See that woman, that's Janet Reno. My Daddy is the kind of man that LOVES Janet Reno, he respects her and thinks she kicks ass! He will vote for a woman in a heart beat, just not Palin!(duh! that beyotch be crazy) My Daddy is an AWESOME man!

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  1. Great shot and cute story about your dad! Thanks for joining in ATWT!!

  2. How cute. And your dad is a smart guy...votes for women who are not Palin. Gotta love that!!

  3. Great picture! :)

    Haha, thanks for your comment! I know... I shouldn't have deleted the blog, but the drama (and having her scream in my face) got to be a bit much. This blog is here to stay, though. She just won't be reading it because she won't be able to find it. :)

    You're really funny! I love that you sent back the check. Nice work.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!