Thursday, September 25, 2008

I love big butts!

One day I was lamenting to my sister how the only men who ever take notice of me are the following:

construction men
delivery men
bus boys
bus drivers

She said I had the "cuerpo del pueblo" which means: The body of the people or blue collar booty!

Well you get my drift, I attract working class men, now this is fine with me. I don't like men who look like Hugh Grant or Rob Lowe, no petite men, in suits and glasses, with manicures for me! On the other hand...not once a guy in a suit, not once a distinguished man in a nice car, never even see them turn their heads...However a very old taxi driver once followed me for 6 blocks (I was walking home in the Dominican Republic) telling me I had to be "Iris Chacon's" daughter! I came home in tears, and asked my Mom "who is Iris Chacon?" Why? she asked, I told her about the taxi driver...she nearly peed she laughed so hard! This is Iris Chacon, also know as the Puerto Rican Bombshell, she was a famous for having a LARGE behind and shaking it!

I like big butts and I can not lie...I love my "Latina" rear end, it does not bother me at all, so when I blog about my big ass, know that I am not one of those girls who is being self-deprecating so other will comment: no, no, it's not so, yes it IS and i LOVE it! Power to the Culonas! that means big booty chicks for you non-Spanish speakers!


  1. Real women have CURVES! Having a flat derriere is not attractive. Shall I say more?

  2. Um, if you're going to mention me, by law, you HAVE to link to me!
    Love, Big Sis

  3. You're supposed to post a picture. Look at my Thursday post! Jen is going to come and check on you and you're going to get in trouble with The Mom!

  4. Hi! Add me to the big booty club!

    I too talk about it in my blog and it is my standard answer to "What is your best feature?"


  5. Power to the culonas, indeed!!!!

    Love your blog!



I love you Darling, really! Thank you!