Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Promise Rings- oy-vey

I have teenagers and have no desire for them to be having sex with any one! Having said that, I think promise rings are creepy! I also think those colored bracelets that kids were wearing, with different colors for different sex acts are creepy too! Don't run around proclaiming virginity 'till marriage, you might be 30 before you get married, for God's sake, think about it! Unless you plan on getting married at 17 or soon after, your chances of suceding are going to be very low. I want anyone who is interested in marrying a 30 year old virgin (male or female) to e-mail me RIGHT NOW! In fact anyone who seriously knows a 30 year old virgin and thinks that person is completely normal, I NEED to know.

I want my kids to have healthy, meaningful, age appropriate relationships with the opposite sex. Yes, at some point that includes sex and therefore they have access to condoms. we have a condom stash in the house, which replenishes it self periodically, no questions asked. The 16 year old could be using them as water balloons or maybe the 21 year old is gettin busy...who knows?!


  1. OMG! I didn't know about the different colored sex act bracelets! Seriously?

  2. yes, my kids told me about it. It was like 4 years ago, I will ask them what the differnt colors meant tonight.

  3. Colored sex act bracelets? WTF?! In what world are we living?!

  4. That's right, Just ask happy Hour Sue, she'll tell you ALL ABOUT those Jonas Brothers "promise rings" rolling around on the bedroom floor...


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!