Thursday, August 28, 2008

Perfect Life, Second Wife?

I have been suffering from a wicked case of insomnia, 3 or 4 times a week, I have been getting about 3 hours of sleep a night. I suppose if I got up out of bed and did something productive, it would not be so bad, but I basically lie there and try not to choke my husband with his open mouth breathing…when he actually rolls over and points his open mouth breathing toward the wall and not me, this is what I think of…..
What would my perfect life be like? If I could have a perfect day, what would it be like?
In the morning and adorable gay man would come to my house and lovingly get me out of bed and drive me go to the gym, while we are on the treadmill we would gossip about all the latest celebrity rags and websites, then talk fashion, movies, TV, all the good stuff.
He would then drive me home, and while I showered he would pick my clothing and make me a delish and healthy breakfast. After breakfast, he would blow out my hair, and send me off to work. I could drive myself. He would stay home and clean my mouse, decorate, place fresh flowers in all the right places and then meet me at my office with a fabulous lunch, then he would mosey back home and plan a diner that was spectacular, when I arrived home at 6pm, he would be waiting with a cocktail and my bath drawn. He would always be ready to go out to the best restaurants, bars or to go out dancing every night.
I failed to mention he is an expert masseuse, hair and nail technician, make-up artist, wardrobe stylist, tailor, bar tender, pharmacist, interior decorator, chef, adorable, hilarious, and completely selfless!
After all this I thought: where is my husband in this picture? Where are my kids? What about my doggie? Whatever, the gay man sounds PERFECT! Wait….if I allow my husband to bring a concubine from Asia could I accomplish all this, plus make my husband happy??? What if we become Mormon and get a second wife?? Would I have to have more kids? Hmmmmm…I may have to re-evaluate this scenario!

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  1. Hey always you are making me laugh. I miss you and love you. Hope to see you and the family soon. Steph


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!