Friday, March 12, 2010

The Pussy Wagon

So, I am A HUGE Kill Bill Fan and I have been know to shake ma bootay to Lady Gaga every now and again, but throw into that mix a dash a Sasha Fierce! Oh my oh my, I think I jumped up and clapped when I saw the "Pussy Wagon" and I actually hee-hee'ed when Ms. Beyonce said "you have been a bad girl. A very very bad bad girl Gaga!! HA-HA What fun! LOVED IT & HAD TO SHARE IT!

Chat Roulette and Dirty Minds

No doubt you have heard about Chat Roulette by now. It has been all over the TV and the blogs.

I personally have not tired it yet, mostly because the HUBS is already suspicious of what I do on-line. He knows of the Blog but tries to avoid it, has no clue what twitter is and deep down my internetz use is suspicious to him, he thinks the Internetz should only be used to look and or buy: motorcycles & watches.

Of course one of the Hairy's tried it out and saw a big ole peen in the first screen shot, so there you have it, the HUBS was right to be suspicious.

What I have been doing lately is going on to YouTube and looking up Chat Roulette gags, and well, this is the best I could find. Watch it, you will laugh, and don't worry there is NOTHING remotely dirty in this video, I SWEAR~!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crap Movie

Thanks to Netflix last night I got to watch a craptastic movie called: Knowing.

Really, for years now I have avoided any movie starring Nicolas Cage and as I thought about it last night, I was PISSED!

What happened Nicolas Cage?!?! How did you go from this:A sexy sexy wooden handed man in Moonlighting to this:

A man starring in every crappy script thrown his way?

OK, let's forget about looks, think only of the his amazing beginnings: Fast Times at Ridegmont High, Rumble Fish, Raising Arizona to end up in Ghost Rider, National Treasure, The Wicker man, let alone Knowing.

It annoys me so much that it almost ruins Moonstruck for me! I love that movie and watch it at least once a year, but it is getting hard for me to watch it without thinking of where Nicolas Cage is headed.

I wanna run into him and slap him across the face and yell "SNAP OUT OF IT!" just like Cher.

Is the wooden hand thing wrong?