Friday, September 26, 2008

My almost brother-in-law, John Leguizamo

I love John Leguizamo! Always have , always will. The man is smart, funny, insightful and so talented. However, he is not my type, eventhough I am a Latin woman, I likes the blond mens, wiz the green eye and ze big thighz and no hairs..ya? That was Inga, she picks my mens. Whatever...I was at Jury Duty in Miami and there was John Leguizamo filming on the steps on the court house (The Pest, stinker, but I still love him) I watched for about an hour and figured out which was his trailer. It was time to make my move....I told the girl next to me in Jury Duty waiting room -"um, I have to go to the bathroom, not feeling good, let them know if they call my name"

Did I go to the bathroom, um, NO! I went downstairs, out the door and straight to the man's trailer, you know what, he came walking out not but a minute later! I told him, I was a BIG fan of his one-man show, and that it was genetic, my LOVE for him. My Mama loves, him, I love him and my HOT single sister Coco loves him! I actually said- "you should meet her" He politely declined, saying alas he was married. I thought of tackling him into his trailer, and then tying him up like Kathy Bates in Misery, he was little, I was big...but I was in front of the court house and there were cops everywhere!

Needless to say, I ran into him again, a couple of years later...I don't even remember how, in Miami again, and he remembered me! He told me he was divorced, and how about a date with my sis! hahahaaaaaa, of course that bitch was married by then! She ruined my chances of being John Leguizamo's sister-in-law! How awesome would that have been!
UM, Not so MUCH, Fat BOY!
Oh yeah BABY~I can take you home to meet Mama & Papa!

OH! There is my tattooed Bad Boy! Forget going to Mama & Papa's- I can take you HOME!


  1. Oh yum. Even though he's about half my size, he's still quite hot to me!!!

  2. See, that's THE SADDEST PART- I TOTALLY would have married him!
    Love, Big Sis (Mrs.Coco Leguizamo) *sigh, sooooo my type*

  3. Oh my! I never really noticed John before, but after seeing that last picture, I'm going to have to start paying more attention.

  4. Remember the show he had? At the begining he is dancing in his "Hammer-time" pants, it had that song "Hey hermano! Leguizamo!" I can't help it, it goes through my head every time I see him.

  5. Oh, sondrelyn, you've just ruined it for me!!!!

  6. All I will ever say is John is Thank God for U!!!! </3.. U have my heart. Again from Chicago... Lydia..... Keep makin me laugh & keep leavin me just Happy. All i gotta do is look at u smile. N im done. Thank Ju....xox.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!