Thursday, March 22, 2012

My teen son in a hoodie

This is my teen son, in a hoodie. My baby, my sweetie pie, the apple of my eye. We live in Florida, and I worry, as all Mom's of Teens do. I worry he is texting while driving, I worry he might have unprotected sex, I worry he struggles in school, I worry he might get in a fight with another boy, I worry adults no longer see him as the child he truly still is, regardless of the man's body he inhabits. I worry, I worry, I worry, as  Mother's, this is what we do. These past weeks my heart has been broken over the news regarding Trayvon Martin. We are locals, we live and love Orlando and are outraged over the loss of this child's loss. What is worst of all, is that of all my worries, I know in my heart, my baby in his hoodie is not viewed as a "thug" a threat, a punk a suspect. He is viewed as a "white" kid in a hoodie and I know I will never experience the anguish families with sons of color are feeling all over the country after seeing what has happened to Trayvon.  Lastly, I can only hope to never experience the pain Sabrina Fulton is feeling now. My thoughts go out to his family and my outrage goes out to Sanford PD.