Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My girlfriend is going to have a baby and i have been begging to be one of the hosts for the shower! I am BABY CRAZY, I have always adored little babies, kids not so much, teenagers, keep the HELL away (specially if they are mine) Any who! I am browsing on-line for cute ideas and come across this......screeeeeeech, WTF? Um, really is this invite for someone having twins? Do they think one baby will come out white, and one come out brown? Or is the baby on the right brown cause it's sitting in esspresso.....Or wait, is this invite for that friend (we all have one) who is pregnant and well, you're not even sure what might come out, or who the baby Daddy might be? hmmmmmmm...the card says a baby is brewing...seems like trouble is brewing to me!

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