Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mama has a FAT ASS!

No, these are not my children, but believe you me....if they would have know how to read and write, they would have done this! And if my husband would have ever thought I would not hunt him down and beat him down, he would have put them up to it.

Here are small indications that my kids were the anti-Christ and or demon's, these are days that document their evilness.
  • They day they learned to kick each other in the balls, was the best day of their lives, and from that moment on, all arguments ended up in a kick in the nuts.
  • They day my sister's then boyfriend, now husband came to the pool and my kid yelled "You look just like Austin Powers!" He has a hairy chest...
  • The day the oldest taught the youngest to "moon", thereafter mostly done when Grandma had company over, this to them never got old!

This one could have landed me in jail and it would have been all their fault!

They stole a camera unbeknown to me, then one day I go to pick up my pictures at the Eckerd's and when I start looking though them I find the following:

Lovely pictures of a picnic, my family, my friend's baby, Holdays and then WTF!?

picture #1- the boys in the guest bathroom

picture #2 - pants around shoes on the floor (uh-oh)

picture #3- bare butt checks

picture #4- the face of one them cracking up

picture #5- butt crack (who knows of who?)

picture #6- full on butt hole

Can you imagine! oh my Lord! Really, what did the person at photo-mat think???

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  1. Hi Honey--I have a few years on you but your post about the kids the nuts and butts --I just about died laughing AND crying! And to think...I was looking for info on home training the crack-head beagle I adopted for my father-in-law that now lives with me (the dog--not my FIL)because my MIL doesn't want a pet. Neither do I! Geeze Louise...I finally got my kids outa' the house and living at college...and now I have a dog to chase around! Anyway--thanks so much for the laughs! I needed it after the day I had! XXOO--Sue


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!