Thursday, September 4, 2008

My new dangerous obsession!

At one point I was highly obsessed with my scale, well, that's not accurate, not just my scale, all scales. I found myself getting on the scale at least 20 times a day...sick, right? Naked, clothed, with shoes, without shoes, first thing in the morning, last thing at night. I would weigh myself after ever meal, every time I used the restroom, well you get the picture. That was then, this in now.There is an old scale somewhere in my house, I do not use. The only way I know my weight, is because I go to the doctor and they weigh me there. I now weigh 150lbs, thank God I am 5'6 and not 5'2, so it doesn't seem like that much on my body, it seems just right to me. When I need to buy new clothes because mine is getting too baggy, then I know I probably lost some weight.

My new obsession is my blog, and seeing how many people visit it and how I'm tracking it! I am starting to think it is just as sick as the scale thing. I check it all the time and am so disappointed when the numbers are low. That Google analytics is the devil, Thanks SUE at! So this is a plea to you all....sign up, subscribe, become my follower, love me, worship me, follow me to Jonestown and drink my kool-aid...*opps* just kidding, on the Jonestown part. I think the best case scenario is if I am able to avoid medication, and that involves YOU checking my Blog constantly, OK? Good, we are in agreement


  1. OOOOOHweeee I love new bloggers. Why? Cuz I can act like the old pro, taking you under my wing. In reality, I've only been blogging since April.

    Sorry about the Google Analytics thing- it'll get better, I promise.

    First and foremost you must run, not walk, to Mom Bloggers Club. It is an awesome, fun, friendly site of Mom Bloggers with lots of discussions going on: a great way to make bloggy friends and get people to visit your blog.

    My other advice on gaining readers (and commenters) is Comment, Comment, Comment on other people's blogs. Most will return the favor, unless it's like Dooce or someone so huge they can't take the time.

    I guess this means I am not so huge.

    Anyway: Welcome to the blogosphere - I Love your blog - Go get 'em!!!

  2. Hey, no fair, she's MINE! I saw her first!!!

  3. I'll join this little club of yours...Seriously though if this is going to be a place I visit everyday and am one of 2 followers that increase your hit count into the next stratosphere...I will need to be compensated.

    We can discuss terms and conditions of payment at a later date but here is my recommendation.

    Paypal is acceptable.

    Each time I visit = $0.50
    Each Comment I make = $1.00
    If a comment I make gets a response comment from you or another follower = $2.00
    If I respond to a comment of one of my comments (and so on into infinity) = and additonal $0.25 per comment.

    If I think of more I'll let you know.

  4. Love your blog! I had a friend with long, luscious and abundant hair who NEVER weighed herself after showering, that is, with her hair dripping wet. It reportedly made it way, imagine that! Regardless of our tactics and no matter what we are beautiful and should see ourselves beautiful with or without that extra pound!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!