Friday, September 19, 2008

Internal Tourettes

I am not sure, I have to find out, mostly by doing research on-line, but I think I have "Internal Tourette's Syndrome" I.T.S. The reasons I believe this are endless, but I have insane thoughts, which are uncontrollable all the time, watching tv, talking on the phone, working, pretending to be listening to what my spouse is saying....Then there are the HIGHLY inappropriate ones...

For instance, there are 2 songs that pop into my head on a daily basis, it takes every fiber of my being to not bust out and start singing them at the top of my lungs, which of course would have to be accompanies by my brand of dancing, which is quite vulgar and mostly booty shaking, and OH MY, there is plenty O' BOOO-TAY to shake!

The songs are:

Are you Ready for the Sex Girls (yes it is a REAL song)- it is on the soundtrack to Revenge of the Nerds, a movie that any one who had HBO in the early 80's saw at least twice a day! Lambda-Lambda-Lambda's and Omega Moo's *woo-hoo*

Can a N!gg@ get a Table Dance! (once again a real song)- by 2 Live Crew, immortalized by Chris Rock- Shake it up! Shake It Up!

There is a third song, but it's not so bad, so I just bust out and sing all the time....

I know what boys like, I know what boys, la, la and then I skip off, oh yeah, I'm a big skipper....

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I love you Darling, really! Thank you!