Friday, September 5, 2008

enough about you...MORE about me...

I live with 4 stinky, hairy men: 1 I married (I was bamboozled, as I was only 18) 1 I inherited with the husband and 2 I birthed (my own body betrayed me and gave me boys), I am quite feminine and adore being a girl! Thank God they have all learned that I am the QUEEN of the house and I must be obeyed, this makes things much more bearable in my home. I thank my lucky stars that my sister, Coco (better known to you, as evil-stepsister#1) happened about blogging and all these amazing sites (she is a stay at home Mom of 1 little girl and she has a live in, she obviously has plenty of time to “research” blogs!)

In my mind I am Lucy Ricardo, I already have the hot Latin husband with a funny accent, minus the night club job, he's Ricky! I am in desperate need of my Ethel (if you're hot that's good, just not hotter than me)So ladies, if you need a crazy Latin lady friend and are up for crazy missions, non-stop shopping, never ending gossip, I am ready, willing, and able, besides being cute, funny and genetically predisposed to just the right amount of insanity! I will even throw in my sister’s as an added friend, she is a nut, and so is her daughter! She is raising the ULTIMATE diva, I fear that in 20 years my niece will be running rampant thinking she is the Queen of the World! As long as I can tag along (yes, I will still be wearing a bikini and drinking many vodka cocktails) it should be GREAT fun!

Apply via comments


  1. I dunno, Lucy! I might have to sign up! Sounds like my kind of friend! I'm old enough to be your Ethel!

    found you on MBC! (not a random stalker, promise!)

  2. I have a Lucy, actually she sounds a lot like you. But there's always room for another one.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!