Friday, September 12, 2008

Watching IKE- been there done that

I am watching the fool in the red jacket on CNN barely able to stand up in the wind and the rain trying to report on Ike in Galveston. I feel for the poor people in Texas, having lived in Miami for 12 years. We never had shutters, year after year we boarded the house, at times we were evacuated, being very close to the sea (less than 2 miles), we went to a friends in Miramar, to my sister in Coral Gables, and more than once, when it looked really bad to Orlando. Of course nothing ever happened, well those times. Then came Rita, and Wilma. Did we leave the house? No. Did we board up? Nope. We rode it out, and let me tell you, it was BAD. Of course the Man slept through the whole thing (Wilma) with the hairy ones camped out in the bedroom and the dog shaking under the bed. After Wilma, we needed a new roof and had no electric for 2 weeks. Pray for the people of Texas.

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