Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Have you all seen this on TMZ? Z-List hottie savCheck Spellinges Dog, NAKEY!

Now, listen I have no problemo see that hottie Eric Niles in the buff, and I would crawl on the ice to save my precious child (some freaks insist on calling her a dog) Lulu at the drop of the hat...however, um...I would have left my clothes on!!!


  • it's cold
  • your bare skin will be rubbing on the ice
  • obviously someone with a camera is there
  • and if your a man, well, you might seem a little less "appealing" in the manly area with the cold and all


you HAVE to go over to 3 Boys 1 Mommy, she is the one hooking it up on the WTF-Wednesday


  1. Funny.... I did one too. Love this idea.

  2. I saw this article too. (And now my secret's out: I read TMZ.) I had the same response: WTF?!

  3. THAT IS NUTZ! Oh sorry. Pun at first unintended! But that is crazy!

  4. Ay mija, that boy is bananas! Did you see him on that VH1 show? BANANAS! I respect animal lovers but I don't get them at all, you're all WTF funny to me, but in a good way ;-)
    Thanks so much for playing along girli, that was awesome of you! Hope to see again in the Wednesdays to come.

  5. I did see that. I just still can't figure out for the life of me why he was naked. Did they explain this and I just missed it? Definitely a WTF!?!?!?


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!