Monday, March 9, 2009

In the Rockies

So, as usual, I am not dead, I was out of, my cell phone didn't work and had no Internet (both of which were a complete surprise!) but I was at 12,000 feet, so what did I expect!

I was in Winter Park Colorado to ski for the first time ever! Yes, my WHOLE body hurts, but No, I did not kill myself....I only fell once (if you don't count getting off the lift, and the times I threw myself down, as to not kill a child on a slope) but I did bump my head and got to ride down on a snowmobile! I will tell that one soon!

Here's a pic of me looking like the Michelin man in my million layers, I grew up in the tropics people, I have no business being in 10 degree weather!
However, all I can say about Colorado is WOW, so gorgeous!

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  1. Oh that is great. I use to ski on what would probably be bunny hills to you when I was a teen but I loved it. I even liked being sore afterwards. You don't feel it at the time. Well as long as you don't fall hard. Nice self sacrifice for the kid.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!