Friday, March 27, 2009

My husband thinks I'm 5'2.....

My husband has put up one of his motorcycles up for, not because he wants more room in the garage, (remember he decided to clean it out a while back) not because he has found better use for his money...of course not, he has found a NEW bike.

We have been going back and forth and he found the one he wants, scored a great deal and we are going up to Georgia this weekend to get it.

The bike is a "custom" bike and is designed to seat only one person, however there are foot pegs, so we asked the owner about adding a second seat.

This was his answer: " The bike can accommodate a second passenger, you just need to add a suction seat. However it was designed to accommodate my wife. She is 5"2 and weighs 110lbs."

My husband happily skips in the room and announces: SEE! You can ride the bike!

Me- WHAT?!

HUBS: Yeah, you're about 5'2

Me- NO, I am over 5'6 and I weigh 150lbs!

This is all very good news to me, it means while he is out riding his new bitch, I mean bike, I get some ME TIME!

Time to go to the salon
Time to read a good book
Time to nap
Time to watch trashy TV

Yes, money well spent on a new bike....


  1. That's just four inches and forty pounds. Give the guy a break. (snicker)


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!