Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cruising while preggers!

Let’s clear this up, I’m a flirt, it’s just my personality. I am not sure Flirt is the right word, I love everyone, I chat everyone up, I am always smiling, and I will introduce myself and strike up a conversation with every light post or telephone pole. But, I am also a flirt.
I was 19 and driving to enroll myself in classes for the next session at the local College, I also happened to be about 8 and half months pregnant.
It’s hard to be preggers, especially when you are 19, you are not supposed to look like you should have a sign saying “CAUTION: wide load” hanging off your ass! So that day as I drove along, in my father’s Jeep Wagoneer, I wasn’t feeling especially pretty. I guess I had missed the fact that in this particular car I was driving, I was only visible from the shoulders up. Well, from the shoulders up, I was a lovely, dark haired 19 year old, and that is exactly what the car full of boys next to me at the red light were looking at. I turned to see them waving at me, smiling and saying “Hey.” I instinctually smiled back, and the coquettishly flipped my hair, waved and drove off. What a rush! Hahahah, I laughed all the way to the Campus.
Feeling empowered and beautiful, I waddled out of the car, up the steps and to the registration office. HUGE line, ugh, I would have to pee in about 3 minutes, my feet were swollen and the pressure on my pelvic bone was killing me…woe is me! Then the door opened and who filed in? The four strapping young men from the light. I turned bright red and sheepishly smiled and did the nerdy half wave; they of course just stood there, frozen with the bottom lips firmly glued to the floor.
There is nothing like killing the sex drive of teenage boys to make you feel good.
Oh, TOVA DARLING, thank you for embracing our awkwardness...


  1. Good story. I bet the line felt even longer after that. Good for you though...maybe they needed a reality check of what flirting can lead too.

  2. Haha! Oh no! I'm definitely a flirt, too. I'll have to remember to tone it down when I'm preggers someday.

    Also, Adriana - "they needed a reality check of what flirting can lead to" Hahahahaha! That's fantastic!

  3. I always thought having teen Mom's go speak at High Schools would be an awesome detterent for teen pregnancy, but you can;t have them bring those cute little babies!

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  5. This reminded me of my first couple months of pregnancy, when it wasn't obvious except for the fact that my breasts became huge. . .the looks I got then! It was weird and funny at the same time. Then I went into the looking fat but not quite pregnant phase which really sucked.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!