Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where are you from?

This is a dreaded question, but I think the time has come in our relationship where, well, you need to know a little bit of my back round, so you can better understand me: Former Fat Chick.

In real life, when someone asks this, a few minutes after meeting me, I sigh, like this: *AHHHHHHHH* real loud and long and sort of obnoxious. Because it' not like the answer is: Pittsburgh, let's move on, it takes like 10 minutes to explain and let's face it, they could give 2 poops.

But, alas, all relationships must move forward, so here is the very complicated explanation.

Both my parents were born in Bolivia.

The immigrated to the States in the early 60's, and became American Citizens. They are both completely bi-lingual (most people think my Dad is a Gringo) but my Mom has a wicked accent (which I was unaware of until my newly wed hubs made fun of it)

My father worked an a translator for the UN in New York, and some how ended up in agricultural development program in Madison, Wisconsin (where the wicked step sisters were born), they quickly moved to Maryland where my Dad commuted to Washington DC for his job with the State Department.

They moved to Mexico- where the Virgin of Guadalupe blessed them with the miracle, after 6 years of trying to conceive non evil daughters -I was born.

Yes, I was born in Mexico- no, I am not Mexican, my father was there for 2 years working, I was granted American citizenship, it's called a birth abroad. No offense Mexico, if I was born in Africa because my Dad worked there, I wouldn't consider my self African.

Back to Silver Springs, Maryland

Off the Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2 years)

Back to Silver Springs, MD (pre-k, kinder, 1st & 2nd grade)

San Jose, Costa Rica (1.5 years)

Bogota, Colombia (3.5 years)

Miami, Florida (6 months)

Guatemala City, Guatemala (4 years, 8th- 11th grade)

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (12th grade, class of 1990)

San Salvador, El Salvador (2 years) *my first son was born here

FYI- San Salvador is a short drive form Guatemala, so that summer, after graduation I kept on going back to Guatemala to hook up with my boyfriend (THE HUBS) and well, we got married on August 31, 1990 (I skipped the champagne toast, if you get my drift)

back to Silver Springs, MD (1.5 years) *my second son was born here- we had to prove to the Family that he hadn't knocked me to get married and get a green card- OK, it's funny now, but my Dad really didn't find it to amusing when I was 20 and had 2 kids. woops!

Miami, Florida (12.5 years) boy, were they LOOOOOOOONG years

Orlando, Florida (just over 2 years) *where my daughter Lulu was brought home, the bestest puppy in the world!

I am an American of Latin American descent, who grew up in States, South America, Central America and the Caribbean....any questions?

Let me answers some that I swear people have asked me over the years, yes ignorant people, but these questions we asked of me the same:

Guatemala? Is that in Africa?

In Colombia, can you just do drugs ALL the time, for free?

Do you live in trees?

Do you have cars?

Are they like, wild animals walking in the streets?

Do you live in a hut?

So you live in Mexico! (no, Guatemala is a WHOLE other country)

Wow, how come your English is so good if your Mexican? (um, I'm and American and live in Guatemala)

Wow, you're really tall and WHITE, I mean for a Mexican. *sigh*

So your from El Salvador and your the nanny for those blond kids? (no, I am their mother)


  1. I don't get where are you from...unless I travel outside the south (I live in GA) and they say you aren't from here are ya?!
    And wanted to leave a comment...didn't want to get shot! :)

  2. I'm from Texas, 'nuff said.

    Of course you probably don't get that unless you ae from here. LOL

    ps My FB friends totally LOVED youe embarressing story.

  3. I didn't move around as much as you did growing up, but have a lot to explain as well when people ask me where I'm from. My father is Polish, my mother is Romanian, I was born in Austria, but brought up in Canada.

  4. I guess I can see why that question cannot be answered simply. I hate that question when I travel, too, because the answer: Detroit, also elicits strong responses and weird questions.

  5. Oh what a geographical/genetic melting pot we are as global human beings! My husband is from Argentina and speaks Spanish and not one of my Aussie red necked friends can understand that he is NOT Spanish - He does NOT come from Spain. Love your story - so where do you call home? Is it a place or is it the people?

  6. FYI, there is only one spring in Silver Spring ;). There is a Silver Springs in Florida, but up here in Maryland it's just Silver Spring.
    I remember when we were in pre-school you tried to convince me that you were born on a plane just as it lifted off of Mexican soil, didn't buy it then, not buying it now LMAO!

  7. My mom is from Bogota, Colombia and I was the kid with blond hair and blue eyes that everyone thought was adopted. Amazing how quick people are to judge.

  8. I understand it's a long story, but wow. I think it's great that you've been a part of/experienced so many different places. Thanks for sharing!!
    I grew up in a town of 175 people. In Iowa. Blah--It doesn't get any more vanilla than that!

  9. interestin! wow- you are from all over the place!

  10. I was born in Guatemala. My dad is from Honduras and we lived there for about 6 years. My mom is Guatemalan. I now live in Michigan, with my husband and he gets asked by random people if it is easy to get and bring into the US a foreign wife. To what he answers that he has no idea because when he met me I was already living in the US. I started laughing at all that you wrote because I get the same questions all the time. No I am not Mexican and also I do not speak Mexican I speak Spanish.
    Yes we do have cars, and electricity too. Where is Guatemala? Is that in Mexico? Oh, you must be real close to the Equator, What is that like?
    Also my name is Rocio not Rosie or Rosa. Ok enough!!! I could go on and on about it. Is just nice to hear from someone else that goes through the same.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!