Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just Yesterday- twice!

Just yesterday, I flashed two old men sitting in my office. I truly thought those awkward days were left in my late teens.
It all started early in the morning when it was 50 degrees outside, I mean really, I laid out at the pool on Saturday and come Monday it was cold again!
The chilly weather prompted me to wear a black a-line mini skirt jumper with a magenta knit mock turtle neck. The jumper is rather short, but was fine as I pulled on a pair of black tights and some black ballet mary jane's. It really is a super cute outfit.
Two older gentleman were sitting in the guest chairs in front of my desk, as we went over a contact that they were signing. They signed, I signed, they gave me a check, I got up to walk across my office and make copies for them.
Well, I have a big leather chair and apparently sliding around in it caused it to cover my big ass in static cling. When I stood up and turned away from them to go to the copier, my dress was stuck mid way around my waist. It took me about four steps to realize and pull it down. Of course I pretended like nothing had happened, but as soon as those two men left I RAN to the bathroom to see just how bad the flash had been.
I checked the stalls they were empty, I back up to see myself in the mirror and pull up my dress to get a look at just how much of a show I had given them. You know how black tights are so DARK by your feet, but then when the fabric is stretched to it's capacity it is very light and see through?
Yeah....they got a good look at my BIG round SUPER white butt under those tights...and I am sorry to say there were no granny panties involved in this incident....just then the bathroom door opens! AHHHHH! I flashed 3 people in one day! Thank Blog it was my assistant and well, the poor thing just doesn't even ask questions anymore. Any theories on the exhibitionist in me?
And as always thanks to TOVA for helping us share!


  1. Oh, that is too funny!!

    Did they leave you a tip?

  2. That is hilarious. I'm don't like to wear a skirt/dress to the office because I'm scared I will get it caught in my underwear and not realize it.

    i actually laughed out loud because i can imagine this PERFECTLY. oh snap, i just got called out by my professor... thanks for getting me in trouble. I LOVE U!!!!

  4. Thank Blog!?! I'm totally jacking that one. YOINK!

    Oh and uhm white ass? Didn't you say you just layed out? ;-)

  5. I found your blog from face book and I freaking love it. the stepping on the rat story had me rolling. oh i cant wait to read more.

  6. OMG, this had the Spousal Unit staring at me because I collapsed in laughter by the time I made it to the end!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!