Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Black Hairy Tounge?

My poor assistant has had a horrible rash since I was in Colorado. She has been to 2 docs and is taking all sorts of stuff. Today they gave her some new SUPER strong medicine. She is sitting at her desk reading me the side affects:


stomach cramps


dry mouth

mouth sores

black hairy tongue

WHAT!?! I start choking on my green tea as it drips out my nose, chucking, she has to be making this up. She is a drama queen, like me.

she repeats: Black Hairy Tongue

I am laughing my ass off and this point.

We look it up on the Internet, its for real.

Wikipedia:Black hairy tongue refers to a number of conditions of humans and animals that cause the tongue to become unusually dark and/or hairy in appearance.

Black hairy tongue in humans is a harmless condition caused by a fungus which grows on the top surface of the tongue. It is associated with the elderly, as well as with antibiotic use. It is more commonly seen in tobacco smokers. While black is the most common color associated with the condition other colors are also possible.

Not for the is a picture:

We have decide that if this ever happens to us, we have a suicide pact. Just in case, you know.


  1. No problem, I'll get a gun-because that is DISGUSTING!

  2. That looks like the top of our south american uncle's head. Truly feral - I'm not sure I've seen many things worse than that.... maybe someone needs to start a blog of truly feral pics. Thanks for sharing!

  3. that is the nastiest thing I have ever seen! disgusting!

  4. Double ewwww. That is so gross. And I hope she doesn't get it. Can you imagine having to talk to her with that thing in her mouth.

  5. Jennifer, hence the suicide will never happen! The worst part is I thought about this all night long! Can't get the image out of my head! UGH!

  6. That is (by far) the most revolting photo I have seen this week.

    No, this month.

    Actually, in at least a year.

    And for some insane reason, I cannot stop cackling over it.



I love you Darling, really! Thank you!