Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twilight Awkwardness

I bought myself Twilight as a Christmas gift, knowing it would be a guilty pleasure. It sat on my night stand until last week. I was resisting reading it, mostly because I have an aversion to reading books that are wildly popular (like the Davinci Code, I refuse to read to this day.) Who knows why....just a thing with me.
As I was packing for my trip to Colorado I shoved in my carry on...well, well, well....I read half the book on the way there and finished the rest while on vacation in the Rockies. I had to pretend to go to the bathroom a lot, since the HUBS was getting annoyed with me reading all the time, while he wanted to do other stuff. It was just so GOOD, I didn't want to stop! As we had lunch on Sunday in Denver, I announced " I have to stop at a bookstore and get New Moon" He protested, we are running late, we need to get to the airport, you can buy it there. I looked him in the eye and was very firm "I am NOT getting on that plane, unless I have that book, understand?" He nodded, the man has been trained for almost 19 years, he know when I mean business.
Hudson News, main terminal, all out of New Moon.....hmmmm, Terminal A, not one copy of New Moon, hmmmmmmmmm, I am getting angrier and think of beating him with my boots, which are conveniently in my hand and at the security check point....Terminal B, where we are to get on our plane, NO NEW MOON, I make the lady call all over the airport and they have a copy in Terminal C, YES! Nooooooooooooooo, we have to get to our gate!
"Passengers on the United Flight to Orlando, your flight has been delayed" I jump up and shout "YEAH!" This is not looked upon kindly be other passengers. I grab my purse and run to the tram, cackling the whole way! I score, and now have New Moon in my hands...wait, bonus round...Ben & Jerry's on the way back! I stroll back to gate B-15, new book in hand happily licking my Mint Choco-chip...yummy, the man just looks at me and says his most repeated phrase: "You're Weird."
I ignore him, and start to read, we get on the plane, I keep reading, we take off, WHAT?! NOOOOO, tears start forming in my eyes, they roll down my checks, and I sniffle. OMG, NO!
The HUBS turns and looks at me and says "Are you crying?"
FFC (me): I can't believe he broke up with her!
The HUBS just raises his eyebrows and shakes his head once again repeating his mantra, "You're so weird"
Of course he is a man and talks way too loud so at least 6 other people turned to see me snot nosed, blubbering over how a teen vampire broke up with his cluzty girlfriend *waaaaaaaaaaaa*
That my friends was awkward!
And as always thanks to TOVA for helping us share!


  1. Haha! Oh no! My coworkers warned me I would cry when I read New Moon, so I read it from the privacy of my couch.

  2. Oh dear. ARe you finished yet? I love the saga. It took me a long time to get into Twilight but by Breaking Dawn I was done with that book in a record 26 hours!

  3. I read them all really fast too! They are a great read - I would soo have done that at the airport too!

  4. I have read all 4 TWICE. I don't know why, but Jacob's pain made me sadder than when Edward left. I rountinely mention twilight in daily conversation. When i held my stepson's hand during Grace, i said "Whoa your hands are as cold as edward's!" my family was like "get help."

  5. Just came across your blog today and have been enjoying it. I came across Twilight looking to fill time on a plane too and am now totally addicted.

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I love you Darling, really! Thank you!