Saturday, March 28, 2009

18 & Life to go...

This has been a crazy busy week for me...


add to that acquiring the new bike, PLUS, my oldest some Alex turned 18!

Well, we had to throw a BIG OLE PARTY! He just wanted some pizza and cake for a couple of friends....OH NO, said the MAMA, that just won't do! I birthed you, you have survived to 18, we must celebrate!
So, of course, I planned a big party behind his back, with the help of his girlfriend.

We had MEXICAN FIESTA! And I must say it was awesome! Here are the pics to prove it!

The girlfriend, Alex & Frida
The PASTEL- arriba!
The boy and his MAMACITA!The Friend with the 'stash and the cheapest Mariachis I could find!
It was between a Fiesta Theme or Sponge Bob....
All week we played a game of all the things he could do legally now that he is 18...and some stuff he can get in trouble for:

buy a lottery ticket
buy porn
drink in Canada
go to a strip club
join the Army
Sign legal documents
Go to jail (not juvi)
buy cigarettes
get a tattoo
get a piercing
be drafted
get married

This is all we could come up with...any additions?


  1. Now this is an interesting list, we hadn't quite looked at things 18-year-olds can get into trouble for recently, and it seems there are quite a few options!

    I'm still saying no way do you look old enough to have a child anywhere near this age, no way.

    Grins & Giggles for a wonderful weekend!

  2. Everyone loves a mexican fiesta. Did you serve him (or yourself) some margaritas? :)


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!