Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Things about me....

1. I LOVE babies, kids not so much, but I am BABY CRAZY, once they are out of diapers *meh*
2. I can BEAT anyone at movie trivia, charades or Entertainment Trivia, or name that tune, seriously there should be a way for me to make money with this!
3. I can and will talk your ear off, I think this is the reason people don't call me, if they do, they end up being on the phone for like an hour!
4. I am fiercely protective of my friends and family. My kids are awesome, don’t mess with them, I don't care who you are or what you think.
5. I will literally help anyone I can in any way I can, this drives my husband crazy, but it is also in his words: one of my best qualities.
6. I have been crazy in love with my husband since I first laid eyes on him, I was 16. Really, it was a like a bolt of electricity.
7. I love scary movies, but I get really scarred, I get goose bumps, my heart races and my stomach hurts, this leads me to believe I may be a masochist.
8. I get sick really easy, if I hear someone upchuck, I am next. If I think about something that grosses me, I can make myself throw up. This talent only came in handy for skipping school purposes.
9. I am a laid back, go with the flow person, and I am non-confrontational.
10. However, if you push me to the edge and give me no choice, I get ugly, I don't mess around, I go for the jugular, if I can't win, I will never get in to it to begin with, if I get into it, you're dead meat.
11. When this has actually happened, it has freaked people out.
12. I have never slapped a man or hit another person (besides spanking my kids, yea, I spank them!) and my husband (but that doesn’t count) oh yeah and that one time, I chased Alex (my hubs best friend with an extension cord)
13. I do have a fantasy of getting into a girl fight and kicking some chick’s ass! hahahaaa
14. I'm nosey, curious, feel like I have to know EVERYTHING!
15. I usually have 2 speeds- drag my feet or speedy Gonzales
16. I have a BLOG- my hope is that if I write ALOT maybe I won't talk so's not working.
17. I love music, I decided long ago that I would rather be blind than be deaf; the idea of never hearing music again is more than I can bear.
18. I love to be naked, not in public, but in my house, alone.
19. I am an absolute animal lover, I would have dogs, cats, horses, ferrets, chinchillas, most anything with fur, I love, and alas it took 8 years of marriage to convince my husband to get a dog.
20. I am wicked resourceful. You would be amazed.
21. I have ADHD, no, not I think I have ADHD, I mean a Neurologist says SO! I always knew something was wrong in my brain, not in a bad way, just different from others.
22. I have very poor impulse control and not a lot of verbal filters, see #21, I try and work on this.
23. I won't even talk or think about my Dad getting older, it REALLY freaks me out.
24. I love my smile, my lips and my big butt, so does my husband, on this we agree 100%.
25. I sing ALL the time, all day long, my Dad said when I moved out of the house this is what he missed the most. I can’t say my kids like it, but they are used to it- my husband’s motto to me: Sing it LOUD gorda!


  1. Gorda? Your hubby calls you Gorda? I would shoot my husband. That's all I have to say about that!!

    Thanks for stoppin' by my blog and givin' me some bloggin' love by leaving a comment!

    I like your blog title. I think I would say I'm forever a fat girl on the outside, but a skinny bitch on the inside.

  2. I also will take it and take it and take it, but when I blow up-watch out-you're dead. And I hold a grudge. I'm a bitch like that.

    You're Coco's sister eh? I love her so chances are I'll love you too.

    Thanks for stopping bye my blog. I'll be back in a week. See ya then!

  3. I understand your fears about your dad getting older. I have the same ones about my mom ever since my dad died.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!