Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How did you find me?!?

Google KeyWords that get you to my BLOG-

mom is naked -yeah, when you’re not home
crazy mom – yes? How can I help you?
fat girl poop – everyone poops, have you not seen that book?
iris chacon daughter – That would be me!
mom naked – once again, as soon as you guys leave
a look at a naked girl – just a peek!
barney is fat – he’s a fictional character, get over it!
boob optical illusion – they are called “Wonder Bra’s”
draws of a girl nuked – I hope that is a TYPO!
dress up the fat girl – is this a video game?
fat chick with hugeboobs - one of the few advantages to being overweight!
fat girl and bj – I’m married, I do NOT have to do that anymore.
fat girl spank man – how much you going to pay me?
fat girls trying to poop – WHY?!
fat woman doing poo on the street – NO! WHY?
good names for fat girl dogs – they can’t have regular dog names?
hooters + valentines day – every year
hooters i love – yes, I DO!
hooters valentines day – it’s OK, I to understand your love of Hooters!
inside sex inside – hmmmm, not sure about this one.
my sister makes me smell her finger – call child services
pervy girl – I know, I know, but I can’t help it!
poop your fat – please tell me how!
spanking – they always deserved it!
i love big butts –Thank you, your love is much appreciated!


  1. I'm jealous, tell me how you did that! My blog is too new I'm sure, but I'd love to know for future reference :)

  2. How did you do that? I'm pretty impressed!

  3. I loved it!! I keep getting google search hits for "lapdance" related's a lapBAND mate...but welcome to my site!! lol


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!