Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Totally Akward

I am one of those people...if you were my friend you would know this, crazy sh*t happens to me all the time...I have gotten so used to it, that I don't even consider it awkward or embarrassing...it's just sort of part of who I am: former fat chick.
I do however have a few moments that shine bright with embarrassment. My husband and I we visiting his sister and her husband for a week long vacation. The lived in a small apartment and had a new born, and it was a little too close for comfort, but we were young, and broke, and well, it was fine. During out vacation we got into a very big fight (I have no clue what about) but there was screaming and crying and well after hours there was some "making up" to do.
We couldn't go back to my sister-in-laws, everyone was there and the walls are paper thin, so of course we head to Motel Row. Motel Row is a street lined with "executive motels" discrete, hourly charge, motels, some have themed rooms: Roman tubs, columns and wall paintings of ancient Greece, others have mirrors everywhere and a round bed, whatever, you get my drift. You honk, garage door opens and you drive in, straight to you room where you pay through a little window, you never see anyone, no one ever sees you. WHAT!?! yes, you see, we live in a small city and everyone one knows everyone else, and if you are an "executive" on your "lunch" hour at the motel and someone drove by and saw your car, well then, you were busted, or if the attendant saw you face and his cousin was your wife's hairdresser, you're busted. If you are not from a small town, you may not understand the concept of everyone knowing your business.
As we go to leave the motel, our car wouldn't start. Oh, we tried to get that hunk of junk going, but nothing...the clock is ticking away and we are paying by the hour to try and start our car...finally my husband breaks down and says: we have to call for help. He picks up the phone and calls his sister's hubby- "the car won't start, can you come get me" * inaudible* " I am at the Omni Motel" *WITH WHO?!* I heard my brother in law yell through the phone !"my wife, former fat chick!" ha-ha, that was funny...
When my sister in law and her husband arrive to help we have to push the car out and on to the street, as cars whiz by we hear some teens yelling "we know what you were up to in there! hooooooooooooo's" the ooooooooooooooo's trail off as the drove away....oh the walk of shame...


  1. Hahahaha! That's fantastic!! I love it!!

    Also, now I am totally dying to go to a hotel like that. Seriously.

  2. oh, that is terrible! But I understand, my hometown is about 4k people.

  3. I think you should stick to the recipes on Tuesdays!

  4. I love the fact that you went to a hotel like that with your husband. Way to keep the romance up...hmmm I wonder where I could find a hotel like that.

  5. Oh my gosh - that is too funny! I didn't know that hotels like that existed. ESPECIALLY in a small town.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!