Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I saw this for sale on-line today...REALLY?!? Who would buy this?

If this were me the caption would say: Why is this DUMMY trying to feel me up while I'm sleeping!?
This is the product description:

Hug Me Pillow
Compare at: $44.95
Today's Price: $29.99
You Save:
$14.96 (33%)

The Hug Me pillow provides comfort as well as piece of mind-
WHAT the HELL? Piece of mind? Is he going to pay the bills? Change some diapers? Chase off intruders? Bring you cocktails so you don't have to wiggle your boobies at the bar to get a drink? I think NOT, I will keep my HUBS!
I know, I blog about beating him, about how he drive me crazy, about how lazy he is, but I like him, why else would I keep him around after AN ETERNITY (this is how I will now refer to the fact that I have been married for 18 years, and almost 5 months.)


  1. Hahahahahahaha!!! "peace of mind????" That's fabulous!

  2. I know TOVA, the webpage says "piece" of mind, not even peace of mind.

  3. Oh my gosh that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen! I laughed right out loud!!!

  4. Stoppin' by from Mama's page. This is way too disturbing for my liking. But thank goodness for them, there are idiots in this world who will buy this product. Sad.

  5. I remember seeing this advertised - and thought the same thing as you did...what piece of mind? Although I bet it would scare away an intruder if you were to be swinging that thing around - they'd think you already dismembered another intruder... ;)

    Happy Flashback Friday! :)

  6. I don't want my real husband touching me while I'm sleeping, why would I want this stuffed shirt.

    And yes, I totally crack myself up.

  7. I totally agree with Jennifer. That's one of the most bizarre things I've seen yet!

  8. I laughed so hard my wife came over to see what the hoopla was all about. I should get her one for when I sleep on the couch.

  9. That is just sick. A stufed arm? Seriously...who comes up with this stuff??? LOL


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!