Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How I know I am CRAZY...

So I have mentioned before that I have a friend and former co-worker that I just simply ADORE. However she is a Psychologist, like for realz, that is probably why she is such a good listener, who I never feel judges me, hence my complete adoration of her. Every once in a while I will be telling her something and she gets a look on her face, she may ask me to repeat what I said or ask a follow up question to delve more in to the issue, and then, JUST THEN, I see it!

I see it in her eyes...THIS BITCH IS CRAZY, that's what her eyes are telling me! I sigh, because she is qualified and she should know!

These are a few examples of when I got that look.

Sane girl: Want some eggs
Crazy Me: Oh, I would love too, I love eggs but I can't eat them anymore.
Sane girl: Health reasons?
Crazy Me: HELL to the NAH, it's just every time I got to eat one I think of a chicken abortion and I get this gross mental image, and well, I just can't.
Sane girl: hmmm, interesting, was it always like this?
Crazy Me: Nope, I just started thinking about it randomly, it a new thing for me.
Sane girl: So, things like this happen to you frequently.
Crazy Me: sure, I can't swim in a pool at night, 'cause of sharks
Sane girl: alrighty then

Last week we went to dinner, with the Hubs and cocktails were heavily involved.

Sane girl: What is your drink?
Crazy ME: Vodka Tonic, double lime
Sane girl: Hubby (hottie, looks like Justin Timberlake!) drinks Gin & Tonic
Crazy ME: EWWW! I can't stand GIN, it tastes like OLD LADY PERFUME!
Sane girl: uh-huh
Crazy ME: YEAH! Every time I've tried it, I get this mental picture of a super old lady with blue hair and pancake make-up and then I'm licking her wrinkly old turkey neck and it tastes like old lady perfume!
Sane girl: *eyes pop out* Excuse me?
Crazy Me: I repeat myself, only this time I lean over and pretend to lick her neck (1. because I'm drunk 2. because she might be a little drunk too and needed the physical explanation of my mental picture!)
Sane girl: OK then *smile*

This was a recycled POST for FUNNY FRIDAY! I promise to post a new one next week.


  1. didn't we have these conversations at dinner on Friday?

  2. LOL!!

    I think the SAME THING about Gin!! Old ladies bathing in Pine Sol :)

  3. Aw crap! Now I have ANOTHER blog to stalk! Reall, who has the time?

    Seriously, I laughed my ass off. You're hilarious and if you're a vodka girl, we're gonna get along jussssst fine!

  4. So funny! Don't worry... I'm crazy too. But I love gin.

  5. Hahahah! That's hilarious! A little nuts ... but obviously funny!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!