Friday, January 9, 2009

Barney makes me a HERO!

So in many circles this would not be considered the coolest thing ever, but if you have got a toddler, I am about to BLOW YOUR MIND! ha-ha! As many of you know I live in Orlando, and have annual passes to the Universal Parks, it just so happens that a buddy of mine from High School (in Guatemala, small world) plays the charter of Baby Bop in the live action Barney & Friends Show!

Every time a friend with a little kid goes to the Park, I go with them, when my friend "Baby Bop" is working and he makes a big deal during the show, waving and blowing kisses at us. Then after the show, while everyone files out of the auditorium to wait in line for a picture with Barney, we get to stay for a private meet and greet with Barney, Baby Bop & PJ. I love this, the little ones just about loose their minds! The literally shake they are so excited.
I was dragged into the show the fist time (I had my fair share of Barney overload when my kids were little.) I was pleasantly surprised and a little nostalgic. The show is great and looks just like on TV, the effects are cool, and the kids will crack you up. I love it how they are ecstatic to see Barney, they jump up and down and in the middle of the Show they just loose it and scream out "BARNEY!" Like crazy tweens at a Jonas Brother's Concert! ha-ha
So now you know the secret to my success with my girlfriends.


  1. hahahaha! Fantastic! Nothing like being popular with the preschool set.

  2. You have some great it!!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!