Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting to know me...

So I was going to start publishing all my crazy stories right off the bat, but then I had a moment of clarity and realized that people who don't really know me very well, might be reading this....hmmmm. So, I have decided to let you all get to know me, and love me for sure, before I unleash my adventures on you...mostly because I in vision these possible out comes if I don't:

  1. You will never return to this blog

  2. You might call family services for something I did 10 years ago, when my kids were THE DEVIL (that is not an exaggeration)

  3. Men in white suits are very likely to show up at my door

So, here goes me in a nutshell (a big ass nutshell)....I grew up in all over Latin America, home based in Washington DC, and grew up multi-culturally,with my Mom and Dad and my two big sisters (I AM the BABY!) I married my leather jacket wearing, motorcycle driving boyfriend when I was 18 and had two devil spawns: Alex & Stevie, before I could legally drink. I can say this now that they are 17 & 16, because I KNOW for a fact that they were abducted by Aliens and replaced with nice boys somewhere around 2000, maybe it was related to that whole Y2K thing! My husband (who I am still married to, yes the same one for 18 years) worked nights, I worked days and then was left alone with those 2 (Alex & Stevie) they made me cry at least once a week, mostly after going to the Supermarket. My husband has had a regular job for years and I was gifted by those aliens with good kids, so life is much better....

I already had a mental list of all the hilarious blogs I was gong to write, but it's either my ADHD or short term memory loss at 36, but I have forgotten about half of them! Here's a list of some of my zany stories coming up (in no particular or chronological order), so stay tuned:

  • Why 2 people both with ADHD should never reproduce

  • How not to tell your Dad your knocked up at 18

  • The nightmares I don't even tell my therapist about

  • Someone gave ME a job at an all girl's Catholic High School, DOH!

  • Why men should never speak, unless they are Gay
  • I tought I was Cinderlla, mostly becasue my sisters WERE the evil step sisters!

  • I actually blacked out getting a brazillian coochie wax

  • What to do when your kid says"your butt does NOT fit in those jeans" in the middle of the store
There are so many more, many more "good times" to come! Here's a recent pic of me and my men :) see you soon!

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  1. Hey Ylla! WOW..look at you and your beautiful family.. what handsome boys you have! so good to 'see' you again after all these years.. hmm, was it back in'87? time flies.. your BLOG ROCKS and you are still as funny as ever! =)
    Georgina (A*K*A-Norma) LOL


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!