Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Thousand Words...

This is my baby, Little Lulu, she thinks she is a 4 pound lap dog, she curls up in my lap in the car, on the sofa and sleeps in a "little" ball in the bed between her Mama and her Papa. But don't be fooled, she may look sweet, but you cross her and you will soon find out that just like her Mama she is a...
Oh yeah, she was digging her claws in to her Papa's back the other day and he rolled over to try and push her in to another one puts Baby in a corner, so she put his hand in her mouth...she didn't chomp down, she just let him wiggle his fingers and feel her giant chompers...he rolled over and went back to sleep. If the girls can live with his snoring, I guess he can live with a paw in his back...
As always, we have Jen over at Cheaper Than Therapy to thank for Thousand Words Thursdays.


  1. I posted about a pup today too :)

    Love the pictures! How fun.

  2. she meant business huh? she is a beauty!

  3. Love how you Obamicon'ed him! LOL

  4. I love poochie photos!! Thats usually allI take I have three of them your size!

  5. What a great looking pup! My chocolate lab thinks she is a lap dog too.

  6. What a great picture. And a fun story. The Obamicon pic is perfect!
    (I'm following you from Jen's Cheaper Than Therapy)


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!