Thursday, July 30, 2009

Worst thing that ever happened to ME

OK, so it's not really the worst thing ever, but it IS really shitty....and I have been getting a LOT of shitty lately.

Remember how I was called into audition for a Stein Mart commercial a couple of weeks ago and I was SO excited. Well, they never called, whatever.

Simultaneously, I was supposed to film a 15 second TV spot to run on the local Telemundo channel on Sunday for a Real Estate talk show thing. Not at all exciting, but I represent the business and I speak Spanish, so I'm doing the spot.

Yesterday, I am standing in the supermarket when I get a text message and it says: We are filming tomorrow, so sorry for the late notice.

My phone died last month so it erased every ones number and so I did not see that this message was coming from one of the owners of the business, to me it was a random number.

What do I do? Do I stop and think? Do I put 2 + 2 together?

NO! I start jumping up and down in the market, going: OMG Stein mart wants me in their commercial, a NATIONAL commercial.

Do I call the text message person back to discuss details? NO

I call my husband yell in his ear, tell him I might leave him when I'm famous. Then I text my sister, my 2 girl friends and my assistant.

I then call my sister and we GAB about how I am definitely going to need my SAG card and how this is my whole new career, etc, etc, etc

Just then my assistant text's me back: I don't have to be in it right?

You know that expression BURST YOUR BUBBLE- POP!

DUH! I drive up to the house, my husband greets me in the garage and says: What's wrong?

I explain and then (this is how I know it WAS really bad and I looked SUPER SAD)

The HUBS (who from now on will be know as the Guatemalan Chuck Norris) goes:


I have never heard him say awwww, he is SO not the kind of man who says awwww, he's a bad ass Chuck Norris type.

So I'm at working today filming a infomercial for local Spanish TV instead of freaking getting famous with Stein Mart. SUX the BIG ONE!


  1. Boba!
    Me (because I came through FB, not Blogger)

  2. But at least you still get to be on TV. Maybe the Steinmart execs will see the Telemundo commercial and be all, "hey, we should have totally used her for the commercial. She's hot AND she speaks spanish." It could open up like a whole new market for them.

  3. That's too bad.

    If you send me some video I'll see what I can do to get you into a commercial.

    Nothing too crazy, just you wearing a cute outfit...perhaps dusting.

    OK then. It's settled.

  4. Seriously, that is too bad. Maybe you'll get another chancee.

  5. I thought you were going to say that instead of going to work you showed up at Steinmart and starting asking where your trailer was. ha!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!