Friday, July 17, 2009

SteinMart, I'm your GIRL! for fear of jinxing it, I haven't blogged about this before. A couple of weeks ago, I got an e-mail from Stein Mart, as I am a preferred customer, in the e-mail it said they would be filming a commercial locally and wanted to use actual Stein Mart Shoppers. So, I sent my picture and a little blurb about me and why I loves the Stein Mart!

Guess what?! Of course they called me silly, you all know I'm flipping hilarious and totally super cute! So yesterday was my casting call. I arrived at Stein Mart and they took my picture and asked me to fill out a questionnaire, they gave me a piece of paper with my name and a number. My number was #590, my heart sank...really I was 1 of 590! I guess in my mind I was their only love. The person in charge of the campaign came out with the creative director (who both were like Barbie and Ken in their blond perfection) and they spoke to my group of women (like 7) about what was going to happen and how it was going to work, etc, etc, etc. I was first up so I said nice meeting you to the other girls and "Good Luck" as I walked away, as soon as I was a few feet away I turned to the creative director and "but not really" ha-ha she laughed, as did I, because who am I kidding, I always laugh at my own jokes.

They asked me my name and where I was from, which as you all know, is like a 10 minute answer, all on video! I was wearing an adorable maxi dress that I had bought at Stein Mart the weekend before to go out a dancin, with a hot pink, got the hair did and all cuteness.

I then told them why I am a super Bargain shopper (you know being a Mom at 19 and all) and how now even if I have some money I can't justify paying full price or overspending on silliness like clothes! Then I told them I can't deal with TJMaxx or Ross because they are too chaotic and I am afraid to take my shoes off in the nasty dressers for fear of SWINE FLU! or worse, they all cracked up *yay* a good sign. That was about it. Oh, they gave a $50 Panache Card, that's Stein Mart speak for gift card. I spent it immediately!

Here is what I got:

an AWESOME salad bowl set (with a container under it for ice, so you chill shrimp or fruit salad) 2 serving pieces, a divider that fits in the bowl so you do like a veggie platter, and attachment that you drop in and put dip in AND a cover, so nasty flies don;t get in it while you take a swim in my pool...

I also got a gift for my girlfriend because she was having a SUPER bad day and I was going to visit her to cheer her up- a Goblet with pink and black polka dots and her monogram as well as a pink and green plaid coozie with her monogram. Let's face it a bad day can only be improved with Girlfriends and Cocktails!

Cheers! Have a great weekend and think positive thoughts of me in the next Stein Mart campaign....better yet, e-mail them, write them, tweet them and tell them you want to see ME, and ONLY ME in their next ad....I was going to suggest you go to their stores and write on the mirrors in the dressing room in my signature RED lipstick - HIRE FORMER FAT CHIC, but I thought that might be a wee bit much...

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  1. Ohmygoodness you are too too funny. Good luck with the Stein Mart ad. I dont think I've been in a stein mart in forever. So sweet to have gotten ur girlfriend. I know 50 bucks goes a long way in that store!!


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