Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Mishmash

  • So I changed my layout, you may have noticed, I likes it AHLOT

  • Even BIGGER news, I'm talking FULL C cup news, I was featured on Boob Emancipation! Oh my word, I am so honored, you like me, you really like me or mah boobies, whateve.

  • Also in the news...I joined Twitter, and still not sure if I love it, time will tell, but please follow me, because having no followers make me feel SO unloved and you know I am one of those people that NEEDS everyone to absolutely ADORE me.

  • Also, I need to post this pic of Peanut in Paris (she is my niece) seriously, she is 4 and is in Paris, I am *gulp* 37 and have never been! Esplain me this! Wait, I was tortured by sister my whole life, you know the EVIL sister and then she grows up has a kid and is like the nicest Mom ever and takes her kid to Paris!

You know we are related, she looks totally deranged in the picture!

Have a great weekend, ma petite bebes! I plan to get drunk and speak in an obnoxious french accent all weekend long, that should teach the HUBS to not take me to Paris!


  1. OMG how funny it looks like she was photo shoped to the picture! I have some that look this!!!

  2. I love the new layout!!! So pretty and professional looking.

  3. She's adorable! My daughter wants to go to Paris because she's convinced she'll meet up with Madeline!

  4. Your new format looks great! I didn't see it at first because it does not show up in Google Reader.

  5. I love the new layout. It is so bright and fresh and fun. Melikes. A.LOT. :-)

  6. THAT is the most beautiful little girl ever! You are sooooo lucky to be related to her. And you can kiss my ass about me torturing you. Just for that, no tacky ass Eiffel tower souvenir for you!

  7. Oh no please, coco, don't take away the plastic eiffel tower, what next the "My EVIL sister went to Paris (st tropez & london) and all I got was this CRAP t-shirt?" nooo, say it isn't so!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!