Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camel Toads vs toes

I am sure there were many things my mother's generation had to worry about....I am sure on of them WAS NOT Camel Toes.

When I read the article below I laughed out loud, because I was sure if I called my Mom and asked if she knew what a Camel Toe was, the answer would be: What is at the end of a Camel foot?

Boy, how times have changed....EXHIBIT B, the chic with an actual Camel tattoo on her big toe, ewwww, GROSS, by the way sweetie, it's called a PEDICURE, get one!
Ladies and gay boyfriends, I give you EXHIBIT C- The Cuchini!

Genius, I tell you GENIUS! My sister sent me this CUCHINI link the other day and I started screaming, because (I swear to BUDDHA, this is true) like a month a ago I was thinking there was a market in inventing something that prevented Camel Toe, come on, you know it's true! Of course, some smart ass in Florida already did!
Please click through to their website, it's awesome, seriously the camel girl is adorable and their tag line is "Our Lips are Sealed!" The kicker is you can send a Cuchini to someone anonymously...that's just wrong, if you bitches have the inclination to send me one, just send me money instead, for the "STAY AT HOME MOM" fund I am starting, now that my youngest has turned 17....Camel Toes are the least of my worries!


  1. Ok, I don't know if it is my computer or what, but I can't see a difference between the before and after picture. I'll have to check it closer at home.

    And I wonder if Uninformed was able to understand the answer to her questions. I bet she is still sitting at home going "girls in tight pants?"

  2. I'm still waiting for the million dollar idea to come to me...
    Though I'm not really sure if this one will make a million, I'll give it points for clever!

  3. What's interesting is www.wickedweasel.com sells bikinis specifically designed to HIGHLIGHT camel toe. Not kidding.

  4. When did this blog get all sexy.?


  5. My husband is not gay...but I had to have him read this post. We both fell over laughing.

  6. That is so funny. I like how uninformed came up with toad and automatically thought he was licking toads!

  7. TOO FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!!! OMG I now have to pee because I was laughing too hard. I loooove it. I would love to have been the editor that came across this and said, "OH WE HAVE TO PUBLISH THIS JUST BECAUSE!!!!!"

    That was my reaction to the non-pedicured gross foot.

    Also? Leave it to your sister to find the Cuchini!!!

  9. Well you know that the summer is when all of the camel toads come out to mate...hehehehe


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!