Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giveaway...hurry, last CHANCE!

I have almost 200 followers...I know, I can hardly believe it! The first post was on 8/11/2008 and this is my 180th post! Wow, I feel loved and appreciated by you all. So to give a little back, I am doing my first giveaway. And you know me, I don't go small, I am a firm believe that MORE is MORE (not less, silly.)

I'm not giving away some recycled gift or some cookbook or dish rag..haha, I don't even know why I thought of those random things...I'm giving away Lulu's first born *ahhhhhhh* are you crazy? All the dogie babies she has are MINE, ALL MINE (you can't tell hubs that one either!)

No, I am giving away an authentic print, signed by the artist herself Ms. Gena Semenov . At first I was going to pick my favorite, but then I thought what better than have the winner pick his or her favorite! There are so many to choose from! and seriously, I LOVE them all! Check them out, I know you will love them too!

As you know I have commissioned my very own portrait (with my canine soul mate Lulu) and I can't wait to share the final painting with you all....but the more I look at these gorgeous works of art the more I want to share with you all.

So here are the rules! ANYTHING GOES, just kidding.

You must follow me (everywhere, even when I'm drunk at a bar and might need help in the restroom!) ha-ha

follow me= 1 entry

You must leave me a comment, on this post (because you all know I am such a hooker for comments)

comment = 1 entry

If you are blogging biotch like me then you can write about how amazing, awesome, totally gorgeous and ridiculously intelligent I am, or just tell them to come win some fabu free stuff, whateve, on your blog and link back to this post.

blog w/ link back = 5 entries
Good luck babies, winner will be announced on Friday June 26th!


  1. I should totally get extra entries since I've known you since I was 3 ;)
    But I 'follow' you too and I'm leaving a comment....
    You are ravishingly beautiful, your children are angels and the hubs is an Adonis, even you dog is fabulous!
    How's that??

  2. Yes, I am amazing, awesome, totally gorgeous and ridiculously intelligent. I also follow you and I am your sister so that should count for at least 20 entries!

  3. I love the pic you posted from the artist and I can see how you are taken with the art!

    Comment entry

  4. How generous of you!

    I am now following you, have been an RSS subscriber for some time. I usually don't care to enter these contests but this one is really good :)

  5. Sweet this is a great giveaway!!

  6. ¡Congrats! just a four days ago I discovered your nice and interesting blog and now is my list of important blogs, and amazed about your followers, I started mine almost at the same time but few followers, I enjoy writing about everything bother me o makes me happy. About the artist beautiful painting. Seya.

  7. I should get Edwins entry cause he called your blog "nice". Is postage to Australia included? (die hard ebay fanatic)

  8. What a super little giveaway. The painting of this artist are something of great beauty. I love the bright primary colors. Your little blog is so cozy!

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  9. I'm following you and yes, I would even follow you to the bathroom if you are tipsy so you don't tipsy-over.

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

  10. I am a happy follower! I love your blog and am happy to be back in the land of blog to catch up!

  11. I love you girl, thanks for the tip and a fun contest!

  12. OMG, this is excellent Miss Ylla, what an incredible giveaway! (Did you see she has a bulldog print? Miss Tilly is making noises about that.)

    You know I'll follow you anywhere, and already do!



  14. Love your blog...followed you here from From KS to PA.
    Frannie Fires Back


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!