Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crazed Mama moments

I am sure my kids think I say crazy stuff all the time, in fact I am going to ask them to each send me a list of 5 crazy things I say and make that a post.

I am sure I will have a valid explanation for each one.

The reason I am thinking of this, is because the other day I was thinking of all the crazy stuff my mom used to say to me. I am sure in her mind the was a very valid reason to say these things. I think the problem lies within the the fact (I say this because this is why I do it) that we just say stuff to our kids and want them to blindly accept them, seriously, it would never stop if we had to explain every damn thing to them.

So here is a list of the crazy stuff my Mom said to me over the years:

1. You can't have those Precious Moments dolls, why do you want them? They look like they have Downs syndrome. (I was 6)

2. You are too old to get a Cabbage Patch Doll (I was 12)

3. You are too young to go to the movies with your friends alone (I was 12, make up your mind lady)

4. You can't be the great pumpkin for Halloween, how are you going to dance with the boys? (I was 12)

5. You are too young to shave your legs (I was 12)

6. You know what my Mom used to do? She would rub alcohol on her legs and then light it to burn the hairs off, because her mom didn't let her shave her legs, maybe you should try that! (Wait...I can't shave, but I should set myself on FIRE?! I was 12)

7. That bra does nothing for you, you need a serious under wire (HUH?! wire, sound painful! I was 15)

8. How about changing boyfriend less than you change your underwear (I was 16, what! I was popular, had to play the field!)

9. I know we have never had the talk, but... (um, too late now, I was 17)

10. You know, you can't get married in WHITE (the HELL I CAN! I was 18)


  1. Too funny but I never heard the Down's Syndrome reference to the Precious Moments

  2. Those definitely are some good ones!!! Lighting your hairs on fire..there's a scary thought. You didn't do it right??

  3. Really... fire? Yikes. But if I had asked my mom permission she probably would have said something similar/crazy.

  4. DUH! Of course I tried! It smelled funny and my Dad kept on knocking and asking what the funny smell was?! That ritual was repeated SEVERAL times through out my teen years, but only the one time was the answer "I'm setting myself on fire like Mom told me."

  5. Sounds to me like 12 was a long freaking year!
    As for the burning thing...ummm...sounds like your mom read the same kink site I was reading earlier. LOL
    The best I got was the 'put on a coat I am cold!'


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!