Monday, April 13, 2009

My "thing" with Bunnies

I know everyone love bunnies, furry, cute, cuddly, not so much.
This is one of those stories that people NEVER believe. In fact my kids tell it to their friends and the friends don't believe it either. Eventually they come over to the house and make me "show" them the evidence.
The story goes....
It was Carolyn Bloom's birthday and she had a slumber party. My middle sis, had spent the night at her house and now I tagged along with my Mom to pick up my sis at the Bloom's. My Mom settled in the kitchen with Mrs. Bloom and I went outside to play with the big girls. I think I was six, and am pretty sure the big girls we all about 12. They started a game of follow the leader. I was the last in line of the game. It was cold, there was snow on the ground, I'm sure Mrs. Bloom was sick of having 10- 12 year old girls in her house and made everyone go outside and stay ouside.
Carolyn led the game...
Hop on one foot...
Walk across a log...
Skip between the swings...
Put your finger inside the bunny cage and touch the bunnies frozen water...
As I shoved my right pointer in the cage, it seems the bunny had just had it's fill of little girls invading her space. She had also just had a bunch of little bunny babies and was very protective. The Mama bunny chomped down on my little itty bitty finger. I reacted and yanked my finger out of the cage. Something flew up in the air behind me. I howled, blood gushed out my throbbing finger. I was pulled in the kitchen with the mothers. Mrs. Bloom ran my finger under the kitchen faucet, then a dish rag was wrapped around my finger, then in slow motion she yelled at the other girls:
Go get the piece of her finger- WHAT?!? Yep, a chunk of my finger was missing. Thank God, it had snowed, the blood made it easy to find. They packed it in ice and off I went to the hospital with my Mom. They sewed it back on and all was good. Well, if you count having a crooked finger with a nail that is a funny shape and grows pointing to the right, good, then it was all good.
Look at you fingers, they are sectioned off in the 3 parts. The rascally rabbit took 1/2 of the top 1/3. The lines of the stitches are visible, thus being good proof of my story.
So in honor of Easter and funny bunnies and scary bunnies as well, click here to see the awful rabbits brought to us by Cake Wrecks.


  1. I don't blame you. If I were you I would stay far, far away from bunnies.

  2. Dude! That does not sound fun at all. And is a very valid excuse for not being a bunny fan.

    Bunnies/rabbits/hares, etc can be quite aggressive and mean. Even though they look cute and cuddly.

  3. Yikes! my story of : I was scratched once by a bunny and had terrible allergic reaction is NOTHING compared to losing part of a finger!

    I think bunnies are cute as long as they are far away from me.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!