Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Forever Awkward

It seems that these Totally Awkward Tuesdays- created by TOVA Darling, well are an endless source of posts for me. I say this, because I am never short on awkward stories.
Junior Prom, my best friend was a senior and I spent the night at her house, since we were going to stay out all night and head to the Senior breakfast at some one's house. I went to a very small school, in my Junior grade there were 25 students, and I was considered an "honorary" senior because of my bestie.
We all had different dates and plans, but we were going to meet up at a designated point, to spend the wee hours together (just girls) and then head to the breakfast. My date had borrowed his Dad's car to be all fancy and take me to the prom. It was a Porsche and he was very worried about anything happening to it. There was a ton of drinking that night. I mean a ton. Let me remind you this want in the States, it wasn't completely legal, but not exactly illegal, and very socially acceptable. After the Prom and before the after Party we stopped at a gas station, as my date wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes. I waited in the car.
I started to feel sick, dizzy, woozy, head spinning...quick, quick, open my door so I can stick my head out...I couldn't find the latch to open the door, the trow up was creeping up. I thought of the car and it stinking of puke...OMG, what could I do???
I pulled up my dress and threw up in it. It was a mess. I figured out how to open the damn door. I went to gas station bathroom and cleaned up. It had gotten all over me. I gave my date and abbreviated version, asked him to drive me back to the prom to get my BFF's keys so I could go to her house and change and then we could all meet up at the after party.
My BFF handed over the keys no questions asked, I went to her house showered and changed and went to the after party. To this day, my BFF doesn't believe me 100%, she has gotten it to her head that I was up to "no good" on Prom night (what a cliche!) I mean really, like puking in your dress is less embarrassing than getting busy?
This is how our convo about that night goes every time-
Char- so why did you need the keys to my house
ME- um, I had to change, I had puke on me
Char- why did you take a shower?
ME- I HAD puke on me
Char- What took you so long?
ME-OMG- I had puke on Meeeeeeeeee
Char- a-huh (raising her eyebrows)
Which is more awkward- throwing up in your dress or your bestie thinking you're sluting it up! hahaha....you tell me?!


  1. Ooh man! I'm actually impressed that you put the Porsche before your dress. Hehehe

  2. Puking on yourself is definitely way worse than getting busy. Unless you were a confessed virgin that was never going to have sex until she got married. Then the getting busy part would be worse.

  3. This reminded me of throwing up in my friends car on the way home from a party . . .the car was full of our friends. They called me "puke" for the next two years :(

  4. Puke stories never, ever get old. Love that you shared this!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!