Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can we put Daddy in a nursing home?

My oldest started his Senior year yesterday, which means we are sweating the SAT's, college apps and all that stuff. It reminded me of a very funny story. A couple of years ago when he was in 9th grade, we started emphasizing the importance of excelling in High School, since colleges would be looking at the grades (yeah, like that worked) My youngest son was always just quietly listening (he was in 7th grade at the time) One day we were in the Mall, just the youngest and me and and he was holding my hand and turns to me and says: "Mommy, when Alex goes to college, I think we should send Daddy to a nursing home and you and I can move into an Apartment" It sounded like a great plan to me, but then I asked "What about Dakota?" (our 100 lbs black lab/great dane mix) His response: he'll be dead by then. Hmmmm, yeah Honey, but Daddy will only be 40 years old when Alex goes to College. My baby had a quick comeback to that one: "Yeah I know, he'll be super old!"

Well, I have one year to figure out how to get my husband into a nursing home, me and Stevie are moving into an apartment!!!!
*bwahahaha* I was going to paste a picture of my husband's head over that old man's, but I know he will have a SHIT-FIT, he doesn't even know the blogs exists!!! hahaha


  1. i totally love this story and can only imagine you and stevie ploting the event...no Dad really, they will treat you well and we will come and visit every month.

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I love you Darling, really! Thank you!