Friday, August 15, 2008

My very first Stalker!

As I had mentioned before, someone was nutty enough to give me a job at a very exclusive, very shi-shi, all girls Catholic High School. I needed a break from my career and needed to spend more time with my kids. It is the most beautiful campus on the planet and an architectural jewel. The girls are very privileged, and discarding a few bad apples, lovely, intelligent, sweet little girls, trapped in woman's bodies. Of all of them, Little Miss was a trip, crazy, non-stop goofy kid. She started hanging around my office, making jokes, asking a lot of questions, some very personal. She had a funny friend and they were nutty, hiding in my closet, then when I figured it out, hiding on top of a cabinet in my closet, leaving a skeleton on my chair, all full of hi jinks.

She met my little hairy one and they volunteered together at a summer camp on our campus, while I worked. Boy was he smitten, and she thought he was a sweet little boy, always teasing him and egging his crush along.

Summer came and went and in the new school year, when I was not in my office, Little Miss took to sitting at my desk and pretending she was me, she'd buzz my boss on the intercom, leave me sticky notes, etc...well, she apparently e-mailed herself a picture from my computer. This is what was e-mailed back to me:

This used to be a picture of my 2 hairy sons (pre-long hair) and their beautiful Mama, now it's her head on my body, with my baby and she titled it: me & my future husband! Who knows, one day Little Miss could be my daughter-in-law! ha-ha


  1. First of all Plank, top notch blog. What an unexpected glimpse into the inner-workings of your mind.

    I like how you tied Mr. Carrollton into this. But how could you forget the little sweeper we left on your desk made of entirely real, freshly cut human hair?

    Anyway, you should get the gastric lap band to place ads and pay you! Then I'm one step closer to the van. And since Stevie will be my driver I can help reunite him with Kathi so that she can be part of your extended family FOREVER!!!!!

  2. Well Plank i see that you have finally written a great story about the coolest people at carrollton (including Mr. Carrollton as blanca mentioned before). It is prob the best blog entry of life.

    And yes i will admit to the world that i am the "Little Miss" you have mentioned throughout the story and yes the work of art that you have decided to include in the blog, captures love between two lost souls. If you are curious, Stevie and I are still madly in love with each other and will forever be two peas in a pod


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!