Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear Great Pumpkin, Hallo-wha?

If I was married to a man that did EVERYTHING I say (like I dream of everyday) then I would make him go as Mr. T for Halloween, because really, how awesome is this costume and who can get enough of running around saying "I PITY DA FOOL" all night long, besides Mohawks are so in!
Oh Great Pumpkin, I thank thee that my Children have gotten over the phase where they think "ghetto chic" is so cool.

Oh Great Pumpkin, orange and grand, please help the mother's of these little ones, specially the one that is grinding up on the other one with his tongue out.

And last put not least, I give thanks to thee Great Pumpkin, that I don't have a cat, because as far as I can tell from all those LOLZ things is that they are kinda of pissy and sarcastic, and really I don't need ANOTHER being in my life to feed and provide a roof for that gives me attitude...I like my dog, like my men- kiss my ass all the time

That's all for today Great Pumpkin, how about you cut Linus a break this year?


  1. Cats are notorious anti-Halloween curmudgeons anyway.

  2. I use to be a cat person because I loved their 'cattitude' I just think they are a-holes.

    Btw, your blog is awesome and you are hysterically funny. Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh or two, or twenty!

  3. Love the Mr T costume! Hey I added you to my blog roll on my blog :) I am a bbc mama.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!