Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Mish-Mash

  • I haven't been blogging, not because I don't have anything to say, but because everything I have to say is depressing and I don't want to talk about it.
  • My assistant is going on vacation next week, the whole week, I think I might DIE, no joke.
  • My 18 year old son FINALLY got his license to drive (miraculously on the first TRY!)
  • He asked me when I was getting him a car, ha-ha , as if getting a license means someone is supposed to just give you a car. Silly rabbit, get a JOB!
  • My baby/dog Lulu is in Heat, it is her second heat, we need to wait 'till her 4th to breed her. My husband thinks we are keeping 1 girl puppy, but we are going to keep 2 and I am going to name them: bambi and buttercup, I can hardly wait to be a GRANDMA!
  • I am working on a plan where I will be a stay at home dog mama, any suggestions on how to make this happen?
  • My youngest cried the whole time he was with my Mom this week and every night after, he doesn't want to talk about it (hmmm, I wonder where he gets that from)
  • They made my Mom put her make up on in occupational therapy, she kind of looked like a Latina Tammy Faye Baker.
  • She was pissed because she didn't remember doing it herself and thought one of the nurses had done a pretty lousy job! ha-ha
  • She keeps on saying she has cash in the pocket of her orange purse, we need to tip $50 to each of the nice girls who are helping her (the therapists and nurses)
  • I need to tell my Dad to bring the Orange purse when he comes (just in case there is a wad of money in there, you never know)


  1. Awww, I hope things start looking up for you guys.


  2. How about a post about when you were in that band?

    And some video too please.

  3. You're still entertaining even when you're not entertaining. Blogger hugs and kisses for some good karma your way girl!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!