Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who does the Internet think I AM?

So, most of you now know I have a weird name, first and last, this blog started out as something anonymous, but well, not anymore.

The problem with my name: Ylla, is well, that sometimes people do not know if I am a man or a woman (not in person, in person you can tell I am a woman) and I get some strange e-mails, which reminds me of a funny boob story, when I tell people I started going to bars and clubs at 15 people ask: Didn't you get carded? I always say "yeah, I had I (point to right boob).D (point to left boob.)" ha-ha, the power of boobs is awesome. Anyway back to the original story.

I think the Internet thinks I'm a man, a man in need to enhancement in the pipirichi area!
Wait thinks I'm a BALD MAN?

Thinks I am an OLD (ish) BALD SINGLE MAN?
I'm totally screwed! Wait...

OK, OK, the Internet thinks I am woman, and that I go to the gym?!? ha-ha, silly Internet!

Wait, a woman that gives a crap about LAUNDRY! hahaha, right!

Wait, the Internet, she knows am a woman now, a girl blogger and she thinks I want to make money off the Internet?! What the HELL does she think I blog for? Jeeez, I've already made $24.87 from AdSense and it only took me 12 months!

Last but not least, the Internet exacts her final revenge on me: she sends me this...BITCH knows I can't afford those Manolo Blahniks! She just wants me to suffer in my Nine West pumps...unless she is sending me a sign, yes an Internet sign, she wants me to HAVE these shoes, she knows I DESERVE these shoes, she wants ONE of you (a rich one) to send me these shoes (size 8.5), you can get them on-line at Barney's with complimentary free shipping.

We MUST obey the Internet(specially you.)


  1. Just ask them to pay you for posting their adds in u'r blog and hope its enough for the shoes :-)))


  2. My name is Jennifer and I still get the pipirichi (did I spell that right) emails.

  3. Stop pretending. You know you want a bigger pipirichi.

  4. coco- DO NOT!

    Jennifer welcom to the world of spanish slang, you may now use PIPIRICHI any time you need to say penis, it's a nice way of saying it (like wee-wee) if you are a dirty ho you can scream out VERGA (which is like screaming COCK) which I do daintily every time I stub my toe.

  5. Very funny until the end. That's just mean internet!

  6. 1. No one would notice your boobs if you were wearing those shoes.

    2. I prefer "pito"

    3. My husband made up a lil song (excuse the spelling) "chupa mella verga verga verga" its very catchy and as a total english speaking gringo has no impact on me other than a catchy tune that I forget to not sing in front of my spanish speaking in laws. Nice.

  7. You are too funny, and those shoes are gorgeous!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!