Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Mish Mash

I love Google, what on earth did we do before the Internet. For example, if let's just say, you had to find out why someones poop is bright green, what did you do before the Internet? Did you call your Mom? The Doctor, or just suffer in agony thinking something was very wrong with you. Well it turns out that bright green poo can be caused by eating a BOAT LOAD of Jelly beans or Skittles. Now, all I am going to say is that the producer of the bright green poo eats about a pound of candy a day, but said person also runs 7 miles, 6 days a week, so said person can get away with eating 3 pounds of candy a day, but was freaked out by the glow in the dark green poo. It is obviously not me, I will only run if some with a knife is chasing me, and then I would consider just laying down and letting them kill rather than wasting my time pretending I could out run a knife wielding maniac.

Last night I had a dream that I was dating Mathew Mcconaughey, but he wasn't famous. He was really nice and we were going to buy a nice new house together. Oh, and I had a little brother and Mathew was so sweet to him. I think the dream was more of a fantasy of getting a new house, rather than dating Mathew. I mean he isn't even on my 10 ten list.
Here is my top ten list, it changes all the time.
My Top 10 lest of Hot Ass Men *in no particular order
  1. Alonzo Mourning (I have met him in person a couple of time and OMG)
  2. Dwayne Johnson- The Rock
  3. Dennis Quiad
  4. Ryan Reynolds
  5. Jason Statham
  6. Jeff Goldblum
  7. Carlos Ponce (have met him too, oh my...drool)
  8. Ryan Gosling
  9. David Beckham
  10. Eric Bana

Ladies and gays, if you do not know who any of these men are I encourage you to look them up on Google Images, deliciosos!

Going to see Inglorious Bastereds as a family tonight- ahhh, wholesome family time
Is it wrong that I yelled at a lady on 1-4 yesterday "Lady! You're a f*cking Maniac" with my oldest in the car? Wait...before you judge me
  1. My son is 18
  2. She seriously almost killed us
  3. It was so bad my son actually took off his Ipod and said "Dude, that lady needs to learn to drive"
  4. Is it wrong that my kids call me Dude?
Happy Weekend!


  1. helloooooooooooo, George Clooney?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh, and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA about my BIL (don't worry, I won't tell anyone-except THE WORLD)
    me (also known as POCCake but too lazy to sign in since I came through FB)

  2. Interesting and hiliarious do not dissapoint.

    Sassy Chica

  3. If there's something wrong with yelling that then I really should go to some parenting classes. Seriously.

  4. I laughed at all of this. Are you sure this wasn't your Random Tuesday Thoughts post.

  5. I TOTALLY hope my son grows up to call me "Dude". Especially since it's the nickname I've given him since birth! LOL

  6. Finally! Someone else agrees that Eric Bana is smokin' hot. He's the only name on my list. My 'hubs' has to understand it's not cheating if it's Eric Bana! Woo Hoo!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!